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Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Wed Nov 24 12:15:29 PST 2010

On Wed, Nov 24 2010, Marty Jack wrote:

> Two things that come to mind immediately that could stand a complete
> redesign are the situation with multiple monitors and the situation with
> multiple desktops. I am sure I will have a few more after I think for a few
> days.
> Right now we have a drastically different way of handling monitors connected
> to different video cards as opposed to several monitors connected to the
> same video card. One is handled by addressing different screens and the
> other is handled by partitioning the coordinate space on a single screen. It
> would be great to have a single model and a single coordinate space that
> handles everything.
> Right now we have two drastically different models of multiple desktops. One
> uses the _NET_DESKTOP_NUMBER to assign windows to desktops and one
> partitions the coordinate space on a single virtual desktop (VIEWPORT and
> GEOMETRY). There is a major issue with the single virtual desktop because
> the reported window coordinates move depending on what the visible part of
> the virtual desktop is, and you end up having to do headstands and extra
> round trips to implement the pager. This could be fixed easily if there were
> only one definition of the coordinate space.

Please, refrain to implement such ugly things in Wayland all over again.

Writing such concepts like "desktop handling" in the core like it has
been done with EWMH is a *VERY* bad idea.

For example, several X window managers are now using so-called "tags"
instead of desktop. This can be compared with a desktop implementation
where several desktop could be viewed at the same time.

This is NOT compatible with EWMH since the beginning, and always causing
trouble to many application which cannot know they are on multiple
desktop due to the narrow-minded design of EWMH.

The same things happens for window manager handling a set of desktop (or
tags) on each physical screen connected to the X server. This is
*impossible* to do with EWMH.

We even had to *remove* some EWMH support in "awesome" (a window
manager), because some application were abusing the spec to change
desktop, like OpenOffice.

I beg you to not do the same mistakes that have been done years ago.

Providing communication means and mechanisms is OK, but do not write in
marble how a desktop should be implemented.

Julien Danjou
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