What's wrong with wayland?

microcai microcai at fedoraproject.org
Fri Feb 18 21:59:42 PST 2011

I used to think wayland is better.
But now, I don't.

What is Wayland ?

Let me tell you:

Final Wayland = X11 that rip out everything but GLX.
Current wayland still missing Input framework like XIM. And batch  of
other stuffs. Adding it will led wayland to  another X11.

Wayland forces every app uses OpenGL as drawing facility. Then they
said, hey , mine are faster than you!

Of-course wayland is faster! if X11 app also switch to OpenGL
completely ,  X11 is also faster!

needless to say , wayland has only one working driver, but X11 has a lot!


That's what I'm now thinking about wayland, maybe I am wrong. And I hope
I am wrong.

Thanks for any comments.

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