Getting pid of focus window

Daniel Poelzleithner poelzi at
Mon Jan 17 19:50:42 PST 2011

On 01/18/2011 01:00 AM, Marty Jack wrote:

> Concerning what is going to be done in Wayland, we are not to the
> point of designing these parts quite yet.  I am confident there will
> ultimately be mechanisms since people will want to write desktop
> environments over Wayland.

I know that wayland is far from being ready. I just wanted to drop my
requirements into the ring, because it is usually better to know what is
required in the long run early as possible, so designing an interface is


> Concerning your points 2 and 3.
> If you were to refer to

Thats what I have implemented. But running such a WM does not work on
all applications. xine for example. But feel free to make it better :-)
(ps. my first step in low level x, so it's kinda messy)

> [...] listen for PropertyChange events [ ... ]

thats todo

> I do not understand your point 1.  You need the same permissions to
> XOpenDisplay that any client would need.  Typically you do not need
> any privilege on the same machine provided you have the authorization
> cookie in getenv(XAUTHORITY) or you have xhost +local:.  As you may
> be aware Wayland is proposed to be local only so although I do not
> speak for the designer I do not think it is planned to have any
> authorization whatever.

ulatencyd runs as root and connects to all local running x servers. i
don't want any special permissions on the xserver to get it running,
with some really dirty workarounds that cost me 2 days i was able to do
that. libxcb docu is hell and libxa is not much better :-)

kind regards

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