Checklist: Standards viewpoint

Marty Jack martyj19 at
Thu Jan 27 10:43:40 PST 2011

X Protocol standards
	Base protocol
		Assuming window creation/deletion
		Assuming something for key, button, motion, focus change, and enter/leave events
		Assuming something for cursors, something for grabs
		Something for assigning a key to an owner so there is one thing handling a given hotkey (passive grabs)
		Something equivalent to GetPointerMapping/SetPointerMapping (left-handed mouse)
		Something equivalent to ForceScreenSaver/GetScreenSaver/SetScreenSaver (screensaver, or timed lock screen)
		Something equivalent to GetPointerControl/ChangePointerControl (acceleration parameters)
		Thumbs up or down on Bells; use a daemon that plays sounds is probably good
		Something equivalent to GetKeyboardControl/ChangeKeyboardControl (auto-repeat parameters)
		Something equivalent to GetGeometry on top-level windows (for the pager
			And don't have it change coordinate system; this is a race and a pain)
		Inter-client cut and paste
			Data type specified as Atom, would now use MIME type (1992 MIME types first standardized RFC 1341)
		Use of selections as Manager ownership (System Tray, XSettings)
	FreeDesktop standards
		Clipboards				Relevant
		StartupNotification			Relevant
		SystemTray				Relevant
		EWMH (wm-spec)				Relevant
		XEmbed					Relevant
		XSettings				Relevant
	Other standardization
		Xdnd					Relevant	

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