My Ideas on Compositors

Carl-Philip Haensch Carl-Philip.Haensch at
Mon Jan 31 23:18:52 PST 2011

Zitat von Joakim Sindholt <bacn at>:

>> The demo compositor is ment to be light-weight so that awesome-users
>> will have no fear to use it. So it's a necessary need to make the demo
>> compositor extendable in a way you can add all features you know from
>> compiz&co.
>> The plugin API should be the interface between the hard coded C
>> compositor and the special effects which have to be aspect oriented
>> (AOP is really new i know, but necessary to create features with cross
>> cuts)
> Why does it have to be the demo compositor? Why can't people simply
> write their own compositors instead of using the demo code?
> And again, group reply please.

Because we can then offer support for a fully implemented compositor  
with full driver support implementing the whole protocol.
When you branch from this, you will get merge conflicts the more your  
compositor will grow. So it can be an advantage to hold the  
compositors together.

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