Xft and XCursor

Lukas Sommer sommerluk at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 01:29:33 PDT 2011


About Wayland I have the following questions:

When we run, in some future, a Wayland-only session, how will
Wayland-enabled applications behave in the following things:

- Xft: How to retrieve the font DPI setting and how to determine which font
at which size will be used?

- XCursor: Will the X11 cursor themes work on Wayland or will there be a
different standard? How can we configure it?

Currently, I'm taking a look at KDE configuration and how to set the font
DPI and how to change the cursor size. Will this still work in Wayland or do
we need to reimplement it?

Lukas Sommer
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