Compositor/Window Manager for Multitouch

Kai Mast kai.mast at
Wed Jun 29 14:34:51 PDT 2011

On 28.06.2011 16:53, Kai Wohlfahrt wrote:
> I hadn't actually seen uTouch before, looks interesting. However I 
> think the difference is that (for now) it seems to be an adaption to 
> use some multitouch features on a standard gnome/unity/whatever desktop.
> What I'm thinking about is a different UI designed around multitouch, 
> something like this: 
> <> perhaps (I don't 
> like their approach, but you get the idea...). Features from 
> might be interesting as well.
> At the moment, I think it may be more worthwhile to write something 
> new for Wayland, and avoid dealing with the headaches of placing this 
> on top of something that wasn't designed with this type of interaction 
> in mind. If you think this a compiz plugin would be a workable 
> solution, I'll have another look at that approach, it'd probably be 
> easier to implement.
> Any news on my original questions? And another one: are the most up to 
> date docs available on wayland the ones found in the git repository?
> Kai

I see, but the goal should really be to make one of the default desktops 
more touch friendly, don't you think?

Still a little sluggish but Ubuntu already workds on Tablets:

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