Compositor/Window Manager for Multitouch

Kai Wohlfahrt kai.scorpio at
Wed Jun 29 15:29:42 PDT 2011

Making the desktop environment use all of the possible features would
probably be a matter of rewriting many individual apps (file managers, media
players, etc), something I'm really not very interested in doing. A desktop
and window manager (see videos above) would be much more interesting for me
to work on. Merging it with the current gnome/kwin is also probably not an
option, as it's not quite the same design direction.

Basically, making KDE/gnome and related apps more touch friendly is a good
idea, but for now not really something I'm interested in working on.

This has gone a bit off-topic from the list, so if you want to discuss
desktop environments and multitouch I'd suggest we move the discussion to
private emails?

If anybody has responses to wayland-related questions, please do reply. Here
they are again for convenience:

   - Is wayland capable of handling TUIO/other multitouch input? -somebody
   submitted a patch earlier today that may be related to this, I'll have a
   closer look at that later.
   - What is the current status of using clutter with wayland?

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