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Fri May 6 00:25:35 PDT 2011

On 6 May 2011 02:10, "Kristian Høgsberg" <krh at> wrote:
> I can't remember
> when I last had to deal with an unresponsive application

I had this happen to me in Windows XP yesterday. To be fair, I was pushing
the machine by running two VMs, one of which was running Windows update.
Chrome may have been paged out. When I clicked in it it didn't respond, and
when I tried to minimize it that locked up window operations in the whole
desktop. Nothing responded to clicks and I couldn't switch active windows.

After about a minute it came back into life. Probably when things had gotten
paged back in.

It's not a nice situation.

I see badly behaved apps often in Linux as well.

I think its important that you can switch active windows and move other
windows on top of unresponsive ones, so that you can say start a process
monitor and kill it.

It's also nice if you can move, minimize and kill them. Client side
decorations have many benefits, so maybe just have some special hotels or
similar for this.
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