client side decorations

Michal Suchanek hramrach at
Wed May 11 02:09:13 PDT 2011

On 10 May 2011 04:52, andre.knispel at <andre.knispel at> wrote:
> Actually, I think Iskren made a very important point. To take this one step
> further: with CSD, we can't force the client to stop drawing the decoration,
> we can only tell the client that it should. So we can assume Chrome having a
> decoration for example, what shouldn't be possible in a tiling WM.
> Together with the other things he said, it would be almost impossible to get
> a useable/useful tiling WM with CSD.

I guess there is one thing that can be done. The compositor could
publish a hint to the application that it takes care of decorating the
windows (even if it is a tiling WM and in fact does not but the user
does not want any decorations in the first place) and the client could
publish a hint that it does draw decorations and its windows should
not be decorated by the compositor (or it does not want decorations
because it is a clock window and decorating it makes no sense).

Either way you may end up with double decorations if both the
application and the compositor insist on drawing decorations.

The place to decide this is in the compositor (and user references
specified in there) but you can't really stop applications from
drawing anything they want in their windows.

BTW you really do want server side decorations in some form to attach
security labels to the applications so that you can eg. tell
applications running as root or as different user or on different
system apart from each other and the local applications.



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