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Actually, I think Iskren made a very important point. To take this one step further: with CSD, we can't force the client to stop drawing the decoration, we can only tell the client that it should. So we can assume Chrome having a decoration for example, what shouldn't be possible in a tiling WM.
Together with the other things he said, it would be almost impossible to get a useable/useful tiling WM with CSD.
To the shortcuts discussion: do you really want every user to remember shortcuts to use his desktop? This would be a huge step backwards for the process of getting Linux on the desktop. Everything the average user wants to do must be doable within the UI, and closing/moving dead windows out of the way belongs to this.


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> Though it is possible, I don't like the idea of clients sending hints
> about what areas are the close box or window border, since it implies
> there are such concepts as "title bar" and "close box". The compositor
> can just have clicks anywhere raise and move the non-responsive
> window, and lots of clicks (indicating user frustration) pop up a box
> offering to kill the program. On Linux, since it is standard,
> compositors can also have Alt+click always raise/move windows, and alt
> +right click pop up a menu of compositor-side window actions.

This would be actually a good way to handle it. Use an special mode or
tool, a la xkill, to deal with stuck applications. It can take the form
of an special key/mouse combination, gestures, or as I said before, an
external tool like xkill. Note that it needs not be limited to killing,
but could do any other thing, like minimizing, sending to another
virtual desktop, etc.

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