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于 2011年05月13日 01:47, Bill Spitzak 写道:
> microcai wrote:
>> They can't care how big a windows is in the pixel, but in the inch.
>> People should have different monitors with different DPI. Windows should
>> stay same size regardless the DPI.
>> Force DPI==96 on every monitor is a stupid idea, and we should avoid it
>> on the protocol side.
> The reason this had to be done was due to the incredibly stupid idea
> that only *fonts* are measured in points, and every other graphic is
> measured in pixels. This strange idea was on both X and Windows, likely
> due to the initial programs being terminal emulators where there was no
> graphics other than text. What this really means is that there are two
> different coordinate systems for all the graphics, and programmers just
> assumed these two systems always lined up exactly like they did on their
> screen.

That's not true.
DPI is not only used by font size, but also by image size and ther

You don't want you 300DPI screen display *tiny tiny font*, will you?

By designing the protocol *DPI aware*, and force the application deal
with the DPI natively, we get better user experience.

> After a lot of awful looking output on screens with different DPI, both
> Windows and then X resorted to just forcing the DPI to 96, thus making
> the systems obey the programmer's assumptions. Bad DPI settings are
> still a bug on X, producing ridiculous large and tiny font sizes
> unexpectedly, and this is NEVER wanted.
> The correct solution would have been to specify all coordinates in the
> same units, likely 1 unit in the CTM. For practical reasons on
> current-day screens this wants to be a pixel by default, but there is no
> reason a program can't read the DPI and set the CTM to draw actual-size
> graphics.
>> I suggest, DPI should also be windows specific, so that compositor can
>> *scale it*.
> If I understand it right, a Wayland window has both a rectangle measured
> in screen coordinates, and a source image that can be a different size.
> The compositor is expected to transform the source image (scale it) to
> fit in the rectangle.

No, if the compositor want to *scale* it with eye candy, the client must
scale it . not the compositor. The compositor change the DPI, then the
client will scale it automatically.

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