client side decorations

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Thu May 12 21:05:19 PDT 2011

mccrocai wrote:

> That's not true.
> DPI is not only used by font size, but also by image size and ther
> things....
> You don't want you 300DPI screen display *tiny tiny font*, will you?
> By designing the protocol *DPI aware*, and force the application deal
> with the DPI natively, we get better user experience.

I think I didn't explain the problem right. I agree that it would be 
nice if programs were DPI-aware.

The problem is that the idiots doing both X and windows built in 
DPI-awareness to only *PART* of the graphics api. Font sizes were chosen 
in "points". EVERY OTHER GRAPHIC was measured in pixels.

A graphics api where everything is measured in points (ie paying 
attention to the DPI) would make sense. One where everything is measured 
in pixels would also make sense. But this combination is a stupid idea 
and we are paying for it today with the inability to scale graphics.

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