Color management in Wayland

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Sat Oct 8 06:40:19 PDT 2011

Personally I believe frames to be imperfect if they have the wrong colors,
so I have a few questions and statements about color management.

The compositor requires information about what color spaces the application
How will clients specify the color space of surfaces?
Should clients have the ability to attach a ICC profile to surfaces?

Should non-sRGB surfaces be moved to an Wayland-extension?

Consider the case of a video player using sRGB for the interface and xvYCC
for the video.
Should the client blend the two buffer into a superset of the color spaces?
Should the client have multiple surfaces and let the compositor do the
How would resizing work in the latter case?

Display calibration tools require the ability to display an unmodified
color. How would that be handled?

All blending must be done in linear space. It may be beneficial to promote
use of 16-bit floating point per channel buffers with premultiplied alpha.
Using premultiplied alpha and linear space also prevent artifacts with
texture filtering.

- Zoxc
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