running Wayland on set-top-box

haithem rahmani haithem.rahmani at
Sun Oct 16 06:53:16 PDT 2011

Hi all,
I'm newbie to wayland so please forgive my stupid questions if any.

I would like to run wayland on a set-top-box, but if I have correctly
understood the wayland FAQ, this won't be possible unless the kernel is
supporting the KMS and the DRM features Am I  wrong?

Assuming that my kernel doesn't support KMS/DRM, which is the case, and my
linux distribution doesn't provide EGL/GLES libs, is it possible to port
wayland on top of DirectFB ( since it provides a window
manager and handles input?

If it is possible then, both wayland client and wayland server should be
ported shouldn't they?

does it require a lot of effort ?

"If you ask a question - you will be a fool for 5 minutes, otherwise
ignorant for rest of your life"
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