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> Hi all,
> I'm newbie to wayland so please forgive my stupid questions if any.
> I would like to run wayland on a set-top-box, but if I have correctly
> understood the wayland FAQ, this won't be possible unless the kernel is
> supporting the KMS and the DRM features Am I  wrong?
> Assuming that my kernel doesn't support KMS/DRM, which is the case, and my
> linux distribution doesn't provide EGL/GLES libs, is it possible to port
> wayland on top of DirectFB ( since it provides a
> window manager and handles input?
> If it is possible then, both wayland client and wayland server should be
> ported shouldn't they?
> does it require a lot of effort ?
I read on Phoronix that Wayland can run on plain Linux framebuffer, you
could also try building Mesa with just swrast without the accelerated
drivers but I'm not sure how it works (performance might be degraded) and I
haven't tried since I'm currently running Wayland on Nouveau (finally I can
see something, just the window decorator but that's way better than

If your application is written using GTK+ or Qt it might be better to try
running it on DirectFB instead of using Wayland.
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