running Wayland on set-top-box

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2011/10/16 haithem rahmani <haithem.rahmani at>

> I read on Phoronix that Wayland can run on plain Linux framebuffer, you
>> could also try building Mesa with just swrast without the accelerated
>> drivers but I'm not sure how it works (performance might be degraded) and
>> I
>> haven't tried since I'm currently running Wayland on Nouveau (finally I
>> can
>> see something, just the window decorator but that's way better than
>> garbage).
> OK, but it said that a simple terminal consumed 8Gb of RAM, I don't have
> such memory on
> a set-top-box :(

Not sure but probably some memory leak, maybe it's working better today.
Wayland developers can shed a light on this.

>  If your application is written using GTK+ or Qt it might be better to try
>> running it on DirectFB instead of using Wayland.
> Actually this is the origin of my issues, GTK+-3.x has dropped the directfb
> backend and
> is providing a wayland one now, qt lighthouse will be based on wayland too,
> and in the set-top-box world the most famous library supporting hw
> acceleration is DirectFB, so I'm looking to see if it is possible to have
> wayland on DirectFB or not.

Qt still have DirectFB support, and I still see the code in Qt 5. Worth a
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