some documents for buiding and understanding wayland

Zhao, Juan J juan.j.zhao at
Mon Oct 24 05:08:14 PDT 2011

Hi Tiago,

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> yes, it's pretty much the same. The code for the page is here, so your
> patches should be against it:

My platform is untunt11.04, there are some differences for the default installed packages and the permission of device resources.
My original intention is just writing down what problems I met and how I fixed them by tricky ways. I remembered, I listed the wiki page at first.
Again, I will figure out the differences and adding them here. :)

> About the documentation in general, we will have to agree in some better
> and cleaner way how to do so, but we basically have the wiki, the
> spec/main.tex file and the huge TODO that Kristian maintains with random
> development notes. The wiki is going towards more a presentation of
> what's actually Wayland and also for users that want try, while the
> other means are target for developers.

For the documentation in general, maybe we can use doxgen to generate some formal api introduction for some " WL_EXPORT " APIs.
But we need to follow some doxgen defined coding style and add more and add more explanation before the " WL_EXPORT " APIs.

And, the TODO list is really very helpful for the next step.

*^_^* BRs,

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