some documents for buiding and understanding wayland

Tiago Vignatti tiago.vignatti at
Mon Oct 24 04:06:15 PDT 2011

On 10/24/2011 01:25 PM, Zhao, Juan J wrote:
>> For the wayland building sheet, the actual building steps are pretty
>> similar from the ones on the wiki page. I guess we could emphasize there
>> though, a bit more how to circumvent that eglInitialize error; I have
>> myself forgot to install xcb-dri2 and xcb-fixes and seen also some guys
>> on #wayland channel falling into the same problems. Maybe you want to
>> help writing a patch for the wiki page?
> Yes, I will send the patch later soon. Before, I just do not know how to send a path to the wiki page.
> Maybe the process is the same as the code git tree. I will have a try.

yes, it's pretty much the same. The code for the page is here, so your 
patches should be against it:

>> I hope understand our overall intention here, which is not to spread lot
>> of documents around but instead try to centralize them.
> I just do not know how to contribute to you about these documents.
> I thought the mail list always loves the code only. Obviously, I'm wrong.

definitely the mailing list scope goes further from the code only.

About the documentation in general, we will have to agree in some better 
and cleaner way how to do so, but we basically have the wiki, the 
spec/main.tex file and the huge TODO that Kristian maintains with random 
development notes. The wiki is going towards more a presentation of 
what's actually Wayland and also for users that want try, while the 
other means are target for developers.



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