GTK glitching

darxus at darxus at
Tue Apr 3 19:50:10 PDT 2012

This is what gtk applications look like to me, in wayland/weston 0.85:

That's with the radeon driver.  I got at least the same effect with vte
with the nouveau driver, I suspect the rest is the same also.

I tried bisecting cairo, to see if that was the problem.  No improvement,
all the way back to when it doesn't build anymore because it can't
find xcb.  First commit it *can* find xcb (which has the same graphical
results) is:

commit 1236c41072a7966eda7db48a381fd0508e5289be
CommitDate: Fri Jan 22 23:01:52 2010 +0000

This is assuming I should be able to just make && make install cairo, and
re-run vte.

Built with which
basically follows the build instructions.  

Video was with cairo and gtk+ master.

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