GTK Ubuntu Precise packaging success

darxus at darxus at
Thu Apr 19 13:06:23 PDT 2012

On 04/19, Rune Kjær Svendsen wrote:
>    I can get it to start in a VT when setuid is set, but then launching apps
>    doesn't work. I get "Error opening file for reading: Permission denied"
>    (right after listing the path of the socket).
>    If I turn off the setuid the mouse doesn't work when I start weston in a
>    VT, and it makes unity crash as well. Is this expected behaviour? Not the
>    crashing obviously, but that weston can't read the sockets it creates when
>    setuid is on (and it's running as a normal user)?

Yes, this is expected.

It's fixed by launching it via weston-launcher, which is only in git
master (not in v0.85 which is packaged for Ubuntu).

One workaround is to suid weston, run weston, then 
"sudo chmod ugo+rw /tmp/wayland*", then run your clients.

It may also be a problem specific to /tmp, so setting XDG_RUNTIME_DIR to
any other directory you can write to might help.  Just a rumor I heard,
haven't tried it.

>    gnome-terminal, gedit and rhythmbox don't work though. Not sure why.

I have a note on to run weston
as: "dbus-launch weston"

And gnome terminal as: "gnome-terminal --disable-factory"

Might help.

>    Nothing interested is printed in the VT for me to see after I kill weston.

Try running the clients directly from a command line?  Might give you more
useful errors.

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