Running xserver

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Thu Aug 23 09:46:39 PDT 2012

Any hints on what is needed to make xserver work under x11-compositor?

Is it possible without setuid?

 From the sample launch script I have, it seems to require running 
wayland with --xserver, and also running the new Xorg (which did compile 
and install) with "-wayland -rootless :2".

I am a little confused as to why there are two steps. It seems the 
xserver can be entirely a wayland client. It does seem both are doing 
xorg things, including writing to a log file and reading xorg.conf. Any 
quick explanation as to what is being done by wayland and what is being 
done by Xorg? Or perhaps (as I kind of hope...) I have just found two 
ways of doing the same thing, and only running this xorg is needed?

The script and error messages indicate that I need a special xorg.conf 
file, which I don't have. Anybody have an example? Or any other guesses 
as to how this should work?

I really do want to do some development of the shell api, but since the 
xserver is probably the most important client of that right now I don't 
think it would be a good idea to try anything without making that work.

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