Running xserver

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Mon Aug 27 14:21:58 PDT 2012

Scott Moreau wrote:

> It is not impossible, you are constantly shutting yourself down before 
> you ever get up and running. You want to use proprietary driver? Fine. 
> Use X. But don't expect any support for weston, at least not from me.

I never expected any support for the nvidia driver. I ran noveau for 
months because of that, and if wayland stops working better on it I will 
go back without complaint (at the moment it works better because it does 
not have the xcb_poll bug I have mentioned before).

There are reasons besides nvidia that somebody may need an 
/etc/X11/xorg.conf file on their disk (I am pretty certain I needed it 
to run noveau because otherwise it would choose the vga driver).

It is stupid that you have to delete that file in order to run wayland 
xserver, but that is the current situation.

I attempted to patch this bug, and instead of any critique of the patch 
itself, all I seem to be getting is hostility because I dared to mention 
EEEVILLL nvidia. Holy crap!

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