Compiling weston on a Raspberry Pi

Marian Buschsieweke m.buschsieweke at
Mon Aug 27 23:48:56 PDT 2012

Hello everybody!

I'm trying to compile wayland and weston on the raspberry pi. For those
who not know: The Raspberry Pi is a 35$ ARM linux box with about 2W
power consumption (see for more

I already got wayland and cairo with EGL and GLESv2 support compiled
and installed, but I'm having problems with weston.

The raspberry pi provides a proprietary driver with EGL, GLESv2 and
OpenVG support.

I'm using to get libgbm working on
the Pi.

Is there someone who has a Raspberry Pi already got weston working on
the Pi? Is it actually possible?

I've seen that "qtwayland" does work on the Pi.

Feel free to join discussion in the Raspberry Pi Forum:

Thanks for you help!

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