Build problems on Ubuntu Natty (11.04)

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Thu Mar 15 12:42:00 PDT 2012

Pekka Paalanen wrote:

> Installing weston without suid should be a workaround.

I have not figured out how to re-run configure to disable the need for 
sudo. So instead I am doing "sudo make install" and then removing the 
setuid bit from weston. This certainly does make things better.

I have also tried resetting the ownership of all the thing installed 
back to me. This made no difference.


With the fixes to remove asking for EGL_DEPTH and turning off setuid, I 
can run weston under X and I get a mostly-black window. It locks up X 
for a few seconds after the window appears. The window shows a small 4x3 
icon in the top-left corner with a ">" in it, which I suspect is an icon 
to launch a terminal. The window also shows a moving cursor that is not 
the hardware cursor (this can be seen if you move the mouse fast or out 
of the window, the cursor remains). Pointing at the icon makes it "light 

I can then run the various clients. Most of my tests have been with 
weston-terminal. Running them also locks up X for a second or so. No 
visible thing happens on the screen, but moving the cursor around 
reveals that there is an invisible "window": drag events are reported by 
the client inside it, and the cursor changes to show the edges. I have 
typed a "touch foo" command into the terminal and determined that it ran 
the command. I can resize these windows as well, but if I move too much 
weston crashes and the client exits at the same time. I have attempted 
to move the window so that it obscures the "icon" in the top-left, but I 
have either not succeeded in moving it to that location or it does not 
actually obscure it (ie it is invisible, not composited, or below the 
icon). The "flower" client reveals the flower shape as the cursor 
changes when you enter/exit the window.

Attempting to run weston outside of X exits immediately after locking up 
the screen and keyboard. I have not attempted to do this while X really 
is not running, however (for some reason Alt+F1 does not work to get 
back to the terminal, but Alt+F7 does get me to X and *then* Alt+F1 
works, so it looks like I need X running to avoid locking up my entire 


Is there any chance my old graphics card is to blame? However nouveau 
seems to work fine in this card, and OpenGL programs run. Also weston 
certainly drew *some* graphics (that icon, it's glow, and the cursors).

Is the removal of EGL_DEPTH to blame for this?

Is it easy to fix the permission problems? I would like to do it 
correctly, rather than just chmod +rw on all the files and sockets. 
Another worthwhile idea would be to fix weston "make install" so that if 
you are not root it detects this and does not bother trying to setuid.

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