GTK Ubuntu Precise packaging success

Alex Wu zhiwen.wu at
Tue May 8 06:41:43 PDT 2012

Hi darxus,
I installed your PPA on my ubuntu 12.04 desktop and followed your 
directions on to run 
the gtk apps you listed both on native weston and weston as X11 client. 
I would like to share some information of my trying.

1.  gtk apps will crash due to invoke gdk_x11_* functions in 
libcanberra-gtk3-module which is a sound event wrapper lib for gtk3. so 
I removed this package.

2. Should setuid for weston like this:
      sudo chown root /usr/bin/weston
      sudo chmod +s /usr/bin/weston

3. Each time launched weston, should make the sockect accessible for 
     sudo chmod ugo+rw /tmp/wayland*
     I noticed that 2 and 3 has been mentioned in this thread, but 
adding them into your directions may make thing easier.

4. For gnome-terminal, gedit and rhythmbox,  should launch a session bus 
and export the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS. When run app under unity, 
DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is already their.  when  run app in fullscreen 
weston (launched in VT), should export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS manually.

5. brasero can not run, and no useful log printed.

? 2012/4/18 23:07, darxus at ??:
> On 04/18, darxus at wrote:
>> When I tried using the Ubuntu GTK+ 3.4.1 source and only
>> applying the patches to default to X11 output before Wayland
>> ( and remove the
>> cairo-gl dependency (,
>> all applications segfault when I attempt to run them through Wayland.
>> That PPA is here:
> It turns out this one works fine, after you put
> "export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0" in your ~/.bashrc .
> Thanks to seb128.
> These packages should be quite clean, since they're just the Ubuntu
> packages plus two patch sets (default to X before Wayland, remove cairo-gl
> dependency) and adding the two build flags to enable the Wayland backend
> (without disabling the X backend), both pulled from GTK git master.
> They're also not showing the graphical glitching I was getting with the
> packages based on GTK git master.
> Bonus, GTK themes are working now, so GTK applications are looking much
> nicer in Wayland.
> Keep in mind it's entirely possible this will break stuff.  But using it
> works something like this:
> Install Ubuntu Precise.
> echo "export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0">>  ~/.bashrc
> sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
> sudo apt-get update&&  sudo apt-get upgrade
> sudo apt-add-repository ppa:darxus/wayland-gtk
> sudo apt-get update&&  sudo apt-get upgrade # should only upgrade gtk packages
> Reboot.
> In one gnome-terminal, run:
> export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp # Put in ~/.bashrc?
> weston
> In another gnome-terminal, run:
> export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp
> export GDK_BACKEND=wayland
> gnome-calculator&
> gnome-terminal&
> file-roller&
> charmap&
> gnome-sudoku&
> gwibber&
> transmission-gtk&
> brasero&
> gnome-sound-recorder&
> baobab&
> gedit&
> rhythmbox&
> gnome-system-monitor&
> To revert all changes:
> sudo ppa-purge ppa:darxus/wayland-gtk # Nice 'n tidy.
> Please do let me know what GTK applications you find do and don't work, so
> I can update
> And, of course, let me know how the packages work.
> I have it on good authority that this stuff will never make it into Ubuntu
> Precise, not even as an SRU (Stable Release Update).  But I can't imagine
> why it wouldn't make the October Ubuntu release.

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