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Wed May 9 07:37:56 PDT 2012

On 05/09, Alex Wu wrote:
> I tryed to fire a bug by "ubuntu-bug libcanberra-gtk3-module ", but
> got "Network problem". So I open a
> bug(
> for apport first. I also reported the libcanberra bug
> (
> directly through the webpage.


> This bug is only produced on weston as X11 client mode, all
> applications on your list crash. I guess that in the unity env,

Yeah, I haven't tried it under unity.  I wonder why Alan Bell didn't come
across the canberra problem when he found the appmenu problem.

> >bet running weston SUID root breaks it.
> Do you mean  doing "sudo chown root /usr/bin/weston" and "sudo chmod
> +s /usr/bin/weston" will break it? According to my testing, the
> answer is "No".

Yes, that's what I was thinking.  It's cool that it works.

> I opened the wayland debug and found that brasero already launched
> normally ,but not display any output. The input event are normal.

Okay, that sounds similar to what I've seen.  Definitely broken.  Feel free
to open a bug.  People may or may not be interested in it at this point.

> I found another issue that in the native weston mode,  rhythmbox
> will crash in which invokes But in the
> weston as X11 client mode, it works fine. It seems that  rhythmbox
> will request dbus service  from gnome-settings-daemon, if the
> service not privided,  rhythmbox will invoke X11 api and crash.
> Where should I report this bug? rhythmbox community or ubuntu?

I'd say in all cases of bugs showing up in ubuntu it's best to report them
both against ubuntu in launchpad and the upstream source, preferably
linking them in launchpad.  

I believe I added all your recommendations to the gtk ppa, feel free to let
me know if you still find the instructions inadequate.

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