How to debug the xserver?

Tiago Vignatti tiago.vignatti at
Tue Sep 4 01:02:28 PDT 2012

On 09/03/2012 11:32 PM, Bill Spitzak wrote:
> Thanks, it seems to be working now.


> For X I'm getting a lot of black windows that only occasionally update,
> drawing pieces of their contents as those areas are drawn.

I'm not seeing this here. What I was seeing is some glitches, like 
flashing, when windows are opened probably because of the opaque region 
(flashes are black so that's why I assume opaque region). I never had 
time to investigate the reason why though. Menus type of windows are 
easy to notice this.

> Also if you
> try to resize the top edge of the window it instead resizes as though
> you are moving the bottom edge in the opposite direction.

same here. Should be easy to solve.

 > There also isn't any close box or other toytoolkit decorations.

same here. This is due the fact that xwm has to draw itself the 
decorations in opposing with toykit clients or other toolkits that 
you're used to. We're trying to change it now though making xwm a client.


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