bare bones opengl weston client sample

jegde jedge bubbah.t at
Wed Sep 5 13:29:47 PDT 2012

Is there a bare bones open gl example that implemnts the bare minimum
needed to get a wayland surface and begin drawing using openGL?

I'm having a hell of a time porting my GLES1 application to run as a
wayland/weston client.

This application has run on psp, iPone, glut, and android.

Since It is gles I used the weston gears client application as a template.
Basically, I just inserted the hooks to call my applications draw
routines using the egl config already provided.

I have tiled textured maps working, but I am having some hoaky results
with the first texture that it loaded.

I would like to eliminate cairo pixman, libtoytoolkit, libshare.a as variables.
I just dont see an example to do openGL with only wl_xxx() calls.

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