[XDC 2012] Conference Update #3

Egbert Eich eich at freedesktop.org
Thu Sep 13 10:20:09 PDT 2012

We are now less than a week into the conference so here's 
an update with the latest infos:

We have close to 50 registered participants now. If you haven't
registered yourself please take a minute to go to 
to put your name down. This will help me to set up the room.

If you like you can also add at which hotel you are staying
and when you will arrive. This will help others who would like
meet up with you more.

Currently we have 21 presentations/discussions on the list.
If you have a presentation but still haven't registered yet,
please take the time to add it to 
The deadline is Monday, September 17, 2012.
You also may want to drop me an email and give an estimate
how long you think you will need. An abstract would also be

If you haven't gotten accommodation yet: For a while there
were no vacancies at the Azimut any more. However I've heard
that some rooms were freed so you may give it a try.
If you have booked a room at the Azimut, you should get our
conference rate of EUR 68 (breakfast and free wifi included).
If not, please let me know, I will try to fix this.

One hotel on the list has changed names: the 'Nestor' is now
called 'Noris', the web address and email has changed, anything
else - including the phone number - has stayed the same.

The venue is pretty easy to find: it is directly accessible from 
the outside. If you are coming from Pirckheimerstrasse turn into 
Maxfeldstrasse and walk uphill along the blue building on the 
right until you get to a free area on your right. 
>From there you can enter the conference room directly. You will 
find a sign at the door.
- If you are coming from the Azimut hotel walk down 
  Pirckheimerstrasse to the left.
- If you are coming straight from the airport:
  * Take subway line 2 to 'Rathenauplatz'
  * At Rathenauplatz change to line 3 to 'Friedrich-Ebert-Platz'
  * get off at 'Maxfeld'
  * take the lift (not the escalator)
  * when you exit the lift, turn right.
  * walk down the street until you reach an intersection with
    traffic lights (this is Pirckheimerstr).
  * cross Pirkheimerstrasse and continue on Maxfeldstrasse.

Please note: for security reasons the door is locked. The door 
will be open at least in the morning before the conference and 
after lunch. 
If you need to get in at other times you find the door locked 
you will find my mobile number on a sign at the door. Please 
call me so I can let you in. 
As attendee you will get a conference badge, please carry the 
badge with you at all times when you are inside the building. 

Pre-Conference Warmup
We will have a pre-conference get together at a pub or restaurant
on Tuesday evening so if you arrive here early or if you are here
for the books-print, feel free to drop by.
 We will still pick a location - depending on the weather. It will 
be announced here and on the Wiki page - please stay tuned.

For all of those who are travelling soon:

Have a good trip - see you in Nuernberg soon!


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