[XDC 2012] Conference Update #4

Egbert Eich eich at freedesktop.org
Mon Sep 17 01:51:01 PDT 2012

Hi Folks!

This is just a quick update regarding some last minute stuff that
came to our minds:

Attendees List
If you haven't added yourself to the attendees list, please take
a second to add yourself to 
If you want you can indicated at which hotel you are staying.

Conference Bagdes
Each participant will get a conference badge, please remember
to wear it while you are in the building.
Some people may be better known to others thru their IRC nick,
if you want your nick on your conference badge, please add this,
to the Attendees list, too.
I will add it for those where I remember it when I do the bagdes.

Although the weather forcast for this week doesn't look too bad we'd
still encourage everyone to prepare for some rain - especially those
who will take part in the 'Beer Hike' on Saturday.
We tried out the tour yesterday already - the weather was just 
beautiful still we cannot rule out that there could be some rain.

Beer Hike
Regarding clothing please check the section above. Also you should
bring shoes suitable for hiking - after all you will have to earn your
beer ;)
Since we need to make reservations at some places we'd like to have
the list of attendees complete before Thursday, Septemer 20, 17:00
(local time).

'Warm Up'
There will be a warm up get together on Tuesday for all those who
are already in town. We haven't gotten around to make reservations,
yet, the place will be announced shortly, please stay tuned ...

So have a good trip! See you soon :)


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