Possible bug in compositor-rdp.c (Marek Romanowicz)

David FORT rdp.effort at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 15:15:22 PDT 2013

On 06/08/2013 17:28, Marek Romanowicz wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am not sure if compositor-rdp.c acts as authors intended it to. I 
> managed to make it running after several attempts together with 
> wayland and connect to it over RDP protocol using xfreerdp from 
> another machine running Ubuntu 13.10. Xfreerdp client obtained initial 
> Wayland desktop image over the network however it did not seem to be 
> receiving any screen updates until I moved its window on the client 
> side so I investigated it further and noticed  these lines within 
> rdp_output_repaint function:
>         if ((outputPeer->flags & RDP_PEER_ACTIVATED) &&
>                 (outputPeer->flags & RDP_PEER_OUTPUT_ENABLED))
>         {
>             rdp_peer_refresh_region(damage, outputPeer->peer);
>         }
> As it turned out, compositor-rdp.c  wanted to send an update of the 
> display having received every input signal or changed display but 
> these two flags don't seem to be both set at the same time except for 
> when I move a window on the client side. Looking into it further I 
> noticed that the problem was with RDP_PEER_OUTPUT_ENABLED flag as the 
> other one appeared to be set whenever there is a repaint request. Has 
> anyone encountered a similar problem?
Good catch, the flags should be initialized with 
RDP_PEER_OUTPUT_ENABLED. I've never seen it because when the xfreerdp 
client window is focused/unfocused it sends appropriate "suspend output" 

A patch will follow.

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