ANNOUNCE: New Wayland Live CD Images

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at
Wed Dec 4 20:33:25 PST 2013


I have released a new release of my Wayland Live CD project, which is named after my favorite celebrity.

On this release I have:
  Wayland Master
  Weston 1.3 (for Orbital and Hawaii shell compatibility) 
  Wayland enabled Clutter
  Wayland enabled SDL
  Wayland enabled GTK
  Wayland enabled QT
  Wayland enabled EFL/Elementary
  Wayland enabled mplayer
  Wayland enabled gstreamer
  Orbital for Wayland (selectable at login) *Does not work on Virtualbox
  Hawaii for Wayland (selectable at login)
  KDE Frameworks Wayland programs (only a few run, as many crash trying to make X calls)
  Native Calligra Wayland programs
  Wayland enabled Gnome-shell (selectable at login) *Does not work on Virtualbox
  A graphical utility for configuring udev for weston multiseat/multi pointer
  A rudimentary Wayland login manager written in Bash, that supports user switching and session selection.
  Wayland enabled Enlightenment E19 (Only runs in a nested session however)
  Menu options to run Gnome Shell Wayland, Enlightenment e19 Wayland, Orbital, and Hawaii desktops as nested sessions.

**Gnome-shell-wayland, Enlightenment E19 Wayland, Calligra for Wayland, and the minimal of what works for KDE Frameworks on Wayland are whats new to this release.

You can download the ISO files here:

The difference between the ISOs is that the smaller one has the development packages removed, and development symbols removed from the binaries in /opt. At a user level, there is no functionality loss with using the smaller ISO.

fe4cbcdcf6a1d5a6c8bbc76b4fc6078a  2.0G  RebeccaBlackLinux_i386.iso
f7338087b223765df50c23fa3b06586a  1.2G  RebeccaBlackLinux_Reduced_i386.iso

If you want to build the ISOs yourself, you will need to check out SVN Revision 1887, before you run the build script.

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