[Weston] RDP backend state

Manuel BACHMANN manuel.bachmann at open.eurogiciel.org
Thu Dec 5 06:14:18 PST 2013

Hi folks,

I tried to build the Weston 1.3.1 RDP backend using latest FreeRDP master,
and I managed to get it to compile using the following trivial patch :


It basically runs, and I can connect to it with :
rdesktop -4 -b <IP adresse>

However, it renders only a black screen, and server-side I get the
following messages :

unable to checkDescriptor for <fd>
failed to initialize EGL
EGL does not seem to work, falling back to software rendering and wl_shm

(my EGL doesn't work, so it may be normal)
I noticed I can run clients, though, and they keep running until I kill
them or weston hangs. So it looks more like a rendering issue.

Does someone know how to make it work, or if it's supposed to ? Is it
linked the error messages ?



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