Payload size and text.xml in weston

Elvis Lee(KwangWoong Lee) kwangwoong.lee at
Wed Dec 11 23:46:53 PST 2013



It seems that each message has a limitation of payload size, 1024 bytes.

While using text protocol in Weston, we encountered some cases which exceeds
the limitation.

For example, "set_surrounding_text" carries a string which is longer than
1024 bytes.


I guess and hope that you guys already know how to handle this situation.

1.     Restricts input size of text box in UX.

2.     Restricts the string size of "set_surrounding_text". (Then how can I
handle delete_surrounding_text properly?)

3.     Maybe, I'm totally misunderstood about the payload size.

4.     Anything else.


Can I get some tips or the answer J ?




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