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On Dec 12, 2013 2:08 AM, "Elvis Lee(KwangWoong Lee)" <kwangwoong.lee at>
> Hello.
> It seems that each message has a limitation of payload size, 1024 bytes.

I thought it was 4096 bytes (1024 uchar32_t's), but yes, it is there.  In
particular, this is the maximum size of any particular protocol message
that libwayland can transmit.  In the case of array or string arguments,
the array or string is included in the message size

> While using text protocol in Weston, we encountered some cases which
exceeds the limitation.
> For example, "set_surrounding_text" carries a string which is longer than
1024 bytes.

This is the first time I've heard of someone actually hitting the limit.
Not that it hasn't happened before, I just don't remember it.  Could you
give a more concrete example of exactly what you're doing that hits it?
How much surrounding text are you sending and how much is really needed?

> I guess and hope that you guys already know how to handle this situation.
> 1.     Restricts input size of text box in UX.
> 2.     Restricts the string size of “set_surrounding_text”. (Then how can
I handle delete_surrounding_text properly?)
> 3.     Maybe, I’m totally misunderstood about the payload size.

If you're misunderstanding something, it's probably the input_methods
protocol.  Unfortunately, my knowledge starts to break down here.  I don't
know too much about input methods but hopefully someone else will.

I hope that was helpful.
--Jason Ekstrand
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