Creating a Window Manager to use Wayland (that's not in C)

kristof saposcat at
Mon Jan 7 21:24:44 PST 2013

I'm planning on creating a rather minimal Haskell based  
compositor/window-manager for use with the Wayland display server  
protocol. After some reading, I've come to the conclusion that I need to  
create a Haskell API for the Wayland protocol by using the xml provided  
(I'll be using the one from the 1.0.3 release), have a rendering library  
that also has Haskell bindings (Cairo will serve nicely for this purpose,  
which already has Haskell bindings available), and also create bindings  
for xkb, before I can start working on the compositor and window-manager.  
Am I missing anything?

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