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On 12.06.2013 02:49, darxus at wrote:
> 3) The state of cairo's build testing, particularly this bug: 
> Cairo has a huge and
> glorious build test suite.  But it looked very much to me like nobody
> could've gotten it to pass all tests in any subset in years.

I don't think that it will ever be possible to have the test suite succeed for
all tests on e.g. cairo-gl or cairo-xlib, because the results depend too much
on the graphics driver and are too different across different drivers. Also,
AFAIK cairo-pdf/cairo-ps often hit ghostscript bugs. :-(

> psychon was very helpful in tracking down and fixing problems.  This one
> last bug was in the way of me being able to get a full subset of tests to
> pass, so I could automate running them reasonably.

I hope that you can continue (or begin) to automatically run the test suite.
As you say, the cairo test suite is "a little messy", but it would be nice to
find regressions early, because it makes it easier to figure them out.

At the very least, could you write up the approach you came up with?

I remember that I helped with some magic which didn't compare the test results
against the expected results, but instead compared them against the results of
the previous commit. No idea about the details, so it would be nice to be able
to say "here, this mail describes one possible approach".

> The maintainer of cairo, Chris Wilson, included a patch to fix it in a 
> comment to that bug, but we haven't been able to get him to commit it, in
> three months.

I just sent said patch to the cairo mailing list. If no one objects, I will
just push it to fdo next week. Hopefully, Chris will instead show up and
figure out what the right thing is (I guess he has a reason for dumping the
patch into Bugzilla and not into Git, but I don't know that reason).

> (Lots of stuff, including weston and gtk, are heavily dependent on cairo,
> which tends to break.  Which isn't surprising with its unusable build
> tests.  And the fact that the build test instructions specify a method that
> doesn't allow cairo-gl to be tested.)

I don't think cairo breaks a lot. However, experimental backends like cairo-gl
might indeed be a little more, well, experimental... :-)

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