Things that killed my motivation to play with wayland

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Sat Jun 22 10:56:07 PDT 2013

All three of these bugs have been fixed.  That's pretty awesome.

I have my automated build tests running again, including a cairo make
test, and have used weston some.  I hit another weston crash, and then
accidentally overwrote the output I had while trying (and failing)
to reproduce it, so I had nothing to report.  I'll keep trying to use it.

The screensaver related hanging I was seeing can be worked around easily by
launching weston with weston-launch -- -i0
(to disable the screensaver)
( )

The gobject-introspection make test failure I caught several days ago has
been fixed:

These things are currently failing make check / test:

I just uploaded current versions of my buildtest script and its config
file, for 45 repos:

Directions for getting a cairo make test to pass:

Interestingly, if I use my script to build only the ~25 repos cairo depends
on, that gives me different reference images than when I do my full set of
~45 repos.  Almost certainly because cairo is somehow generating different
test result images because of having a newer version of some dependency.
Which seems likely to be bad.

On 06/11, darxus at wrote:
> 1) This mesa bug:
> make fails without C_INCLUDE_PATH set.  It pretty much destroyed my build
> testing setup (I was build testing 46 related repos every few hours).
> I never managed to work out the obvious workaround of just setting
> C_INCLUDE_PATH for mesa builds (which I had working for another repo).
> I included the commit where the problem started.  Three months ago.
> (Build test script I wrote: )
> 2) The XWayland segfault bug:
> This was the reason I stopped using weston as my primary UI at home in
> September.  Tiago said he had a fix for it in one of his branches a long
> time ago, but I guess it wasn't compatible with the changes made to the
> plan to handle xwm.  Blows my mind that this isn't the top priority of the
> project.  I'm sure there's fine reasons.  It would be nice to know what
> they are.
> 3) The state of cairo's build testing, particularly this bug:
> Cairo has a huge and glorious build test suite.  But it looked very
> much to me like nobody could've gotten it to pass all tests in any
> subset in years.  psychon was very helpful in tracking down and fixing
> problems.  This one last bug was in the way of me being able to get a full
> subset of tests to pass, so I could automate running them reasonably.
> The maintainer of cairo, Chris Wilson, included a patch to fix it in a
> comment to that bug, but we haven't been able to get him to commit it,
> in three months.  (Lots of stuff, including weston and gtk, are heavily
> dependent on cairo, which tends to break.  Which isn't surprising with
> its unusable build tests.  And the fact that the build test instructions
> specify a method that doesn't allow cairo-gl to be tested.)
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