[PATCH] Extend wl_surface protocol [reminder]

Jiergir Ogoerg f35f22fan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 06:11:04 PST 2013

Just a reminder on how clocks differ (on LInux) from one another, taken
from here:
Needless to say, gettimeofday() should be avoided.

- can jump
- can slew

- if ntp is running this clock is always kept close to GMT. even if hardware
is not 100% correct, ntp will correct everything over time.

- cannot jump
- can slew !!! (because of ntp)

- it is not kept in sync with GMT. but the "speed" of seconds is kept in sync
with GMT by varying it constantly by ntp.

- cannot jump
- cannot slew !

- the speed of seconds is not the same as the speed of GMT seconds since the
hardware timer is never 100% exact and ntp daemon does NOT have influence


*Just one question. Which clock is being used. Ideally a monotony one, or
*even better, a configurable one. We would normally not want these
*timestamps affected by the user changing the system time.

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