PSA: Chromium Wayland preview

Tarnyko tarnyko at
Tue Nov 12 05:07:56 PST 2013

Tiago Vignatti writes: 

> We are happy to announce the first "preview" of Chromium browser with 
> Wayland support, using Ozone-Wayland implementation. Check the 
> announcement and the details here please: 
> land-preview-release

Hello Tiago, 

Neat, thank you very much for your amazing work !
Fedora binary here ; works fine with a small sample of websites. 

You may be aware that some sites aren't working (including Google), and even 
know the cause, but anyways, here are some of the error messages displayed 
when it happens : Trying to create surface without window Failed to initialize command buffer 

Wayland-Weston 1.3.0
Mesa 9.2.0
Cairo 1.12.16
Pango 1.34.0 

Keyboard seems to stop working after some time (even when restarting the 
browser), too. 

> Tiago

Thanks for releasing this. 


PS : didn't find the source code by browsing around. It is available yet ? 

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