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Marek Ch mchqwerty at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 05:40:39 PST 2013


Amed assrs a result of previous mailing I've merged
wayland-integration-tests into wayland. And, with a tear in my eye, renaead
and asswrite xD (actually, I renamed all functions. I removed prefixes).

Here's repo with the first version:

Marek Ch

On 31 October 2013 16:46, Marek Ch <mchqwerty at gmail.com> wrote:

> > "assread(...)" and "asswrite(...)" are not clever function names ;-)
> I know but I couldn't help myself xD Of course I can change the names.
> >
> >> This is very similar to what we're trying to do in weston tests/.  Did
> > >you consider just building out the current weston in-tree test suite?
> Yes, I did. But I agree with U. Artie that it is slightly different (and
> it should be
> otherwise I failed writing what I intended)
> > I think it's a little more "generic", though.   This test suite doesn't
> have dependencies
> > on any particular compositor implementation (except for the internal
> "mock"
> > server and client).  Also, it appears it is completely independent of
> any particular
> > "graphics" layers (??).
> Yes, it is completely independent of any compositor except the internal
> one as well as
> of any other layer. The aim of the tests is to test the protocol itself.
> > Although it's an integration test suite, it feels like just one step
> beyond "unit"
> > testing for the core wayland protocols (which is not a bad thing).  I
> think this
> > suite would be a nice addition to the current test framework in the
> "wayland"
> > source tree rather than a standalone project.
> Actually, I begun to develop these tests in wayland tree but split it off
> later.
> The main reason was that there was complete mess in files (but it can be
> easily solved
> by moving non-test files into subdirectory) and the tests depend only
> on libwayland-{client,server}.so. So there was no need to keep it in
> wayland tree
> at that times and creating standalone project was a great move toward
> readability
> of structure and the code.
> > Adding it to the wayland tree
> > would certainly encourage developers and testers to adopt and use it more
> > and provide a nice framework for "generic" client<->server protocol
> testing.
> Yes, this definitely would be a huge advantage.
> > Would you be willing to entertain the idea of adding it to wayland?
> Sure, since it has only pros (contributors, access to wayland-private.h
> and so on)
> I think it would be good.
> Thanks,
> Marek Ch
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