Thoughts about decoration information in the xdg_shell

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Sun Nov 17 22:54:47 PST 2013

On domingo, 17 de novembro de 2013 22:42:44, Alex Elsayed wrote:
> > A client MAY ask the compositor to draw decorations. If and only if the
> > compositor replies that it will, the client is then not required to draw
> > them. The only compositor likely to even understand this extension is
> > kwin: it will reply "sure, I'll decorate" for any apps that request it. If
> > necessary, the request can include a suggestion level on how strongly the
> > client wants the compositor to do the decoration.
> ...there are cases where the decorations should not be shown at all. The
> netbook shell, for instance, handles decorations via a Plasma panel IIRC,
> and thus doesn't draw traditional decorations for fullscreen windows *at
> all*.
> A client-initiated system like you describe CANNOT handle such a case.

Yes, it can. Applications that negotiate with the compositor will get a 
positive reply "yes, I'll decorate" from the compositor. The compositor may 
then choose to draw nothing, leaving the window undecorated. Like you said, in 
some environments, that's the correct action to take.

Applications that do not negotiate must figure out the proper decoration on 
their own. It's not the compositor's job to enforce the style. If the 
application then looks out of place, it's the application's fault, not the 

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