Protocol documentation

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Tue Nov 26 11:38:53 PST 2013

That does seem a lot easier to read.

And (YEA!) the section "References" indicates the interface(s) used to 
create an instance. For instance wl_pointer has under "References" (as 
the only entry) "wl_seat.get_pointer". That really helps a lot!

Could the fact that the "reference" has "(new_id)" in it be used to 
further put these into a different section called "constructors"?

Could objects without constructors (like wl_shm or wl_seat) could also 
have a pointer to event. I think anybody capable of 
writing Wayland would be able to figure this out, but it may remove an 
opaque step for beginners.

Jonny Lamb wrote:
> Hi.
> I have recently been working on some Wayland protocol stuff and found
> referring to the XML tiresome. Telepathy's D-Bus protocol has a parser
> which outputs pretty HTML from the XML[0] so I took said parser and
> modified it for the Wayland XML format:
>    core Wayland protocol (as of 5a019e3)
>    Weston protocol extensions (as of bf3c1c6)
> I find this is a lot easier on the eye. Hopefully someone will also find
> it of some use. The hacked up parser code is in git[1].
> Cheerio,
> 0.
> 1.

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