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Jonny Lamb jonny.lamb at
Wed Nov 27 07:59:44 PST 2013

Il giorno mar, 26/11/2013 alle 11.38 -0800, Bill Spitzak ha scritto:
> Could the fact that the "reference" has "(new_id)" in it be used to 
> further put these into a different section called "constructors"?

Good idea, done.

> Could objects without constructors (like wl_shm or wl_seat) could also 
> have a pointer to event. I think anybody capable of 
> writing Wayland would be able to figure this out, but it may remove an 
> opaque step for beginners.

These generated interface pages aren't really a guide on how to use
Wayland. You still have to know basically all of the concepts. At the
same time, this is easy enough so yeah, done.

Jonny Lamb

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