[PATCH] DirectFB Integration v1

Denis Oliver Kropp dfbdok at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 02:00:15 CEST 2013

Hi Wayland!

This is our first release of the integration of Weston with DirectFB ;)

Please see http://www.directfb.org/docs/DirectFB_Foreseeing_2013-10-07.pdf
and http://www.directfb.org/docs/DirectFB_EGL_2013-10-07.pdf for details
and plans.

With this version you can run Weston on any DirectFB enabled platform
including OpenGL ES support
via EGL where available.

We're also introducing our abstract high-level EGL implementation called
"EGL United". This aims to
provide a complete EGL implementation with all extensions, e.g. WL
extensions or DIRECTFB EGLImage
support, while integrating different "low-level" (EGL) implementations in
one EGLDisplay.

The Wayland extensions in EGL United are implemented in a generic module.

No vendor support is needed for the Wayland extensions to work!

The patch is for 1.2, but I will provide a patch against master next day!


Denis Oliver Kropp
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