[RFC] clients: add simple-dmabuf

Axel Davy davy at clipper.ens.fr
Sun Oct 27 22:06:41 CET 2013

On 22/10/2013 17:23, David Herrmann wrote :
> Btw., I got this working with i915 by allowing GEM_OPEN/GEM_FLINK on
> the render-node. So if someone else tests this, you might need the
> same hacks. I will try to find the code in mesa that requires this.
> David

This comes from 'intel_region_alloc_for_handle', which is called in 

I understand the will to depreciate GEM_FLINK and GEM_OPEN, but are we 
really ready to forbid using it?

I was rewriting my Prime support patches to use render-nodes, but I 
wasn't able to have anything working due to these restrictions. Mesa 
drivers would need changes to use fd instead of names, as for any other 
project using names instead of fd, and that we would like to run on a 
render-node (glamor, etc, ...).

Since we can't generate a magic number with a render-node, that means 
that every dri2 application won't be able to work under XWayland running 
under Prime -if we use render-nodes-. I would have been happy to have a 
fake magic number generated that would just refuse authentication (but 
XWayland would have said "you are authenticated" to a client if on 
render-node). Instead it would have to wait dri3 to have accelerated 
applications under Prime, and all dri2 applications not ported to dri3 
won't work.


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