[RFC] clients: add simple-dmabuf

Axel Davy davy at clipper.ens.fr
Mon Oct 28 00:34:42 CET 2013

> On 22/10/2013 17:23, David Herrmann wrote :
>> Btw., I got this working with i915 by allowing GEM_OPEN/GEM_FLINK on
>> the render-node. So if someone else tests this, you might need the
>> same hacks. I will try to find the code in mesa that requires this.
>> David
> This comes from 'intel_region_alloc_for_handle', which is called in 
> 'intel_process_dri2_buffer'.
I've just talked with Christopher James Halse Rogers, and he already 
made patches that should solve that.

The patches to support driImage version 7 were posted recently on Mesa,

And his older patches (probably need rebasing):

Combined with setting the name field to null (instead of generating a 
name) and setting the fd field to a prime dma-buf when creating a buffer 
(in get_back_bo),
it should avoid using names at all, and use dma-buf in Mesa, thus 
enabling using render-nodes with Mesa.


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