Absolute coordinates using "wl_shell_surface_set_transient"

Tarnyko tarnyko at tarnyko.net
Tue Sep 17 01:44:47 PDT 2013

Hi Pekka, 

I'm taking that as a compliment :-). Thanks !
So we won't rely on that code in the future. 

If you're curious about why we tried to do that, please look at my answer to 
Bill and Giulio. 


Pekka Paalanen writes: 

> On Mon, 16 Sep 2013 11:41:50 +0200
> Tarnyko <tarnyko at tarnyko.net> wrote: 
>> Hi folks,  
>> Wayland/Weston 1.2 here ; I recently needed to display a surface using 
>> absolute coordinates. Let's say, 100x100 starting from the upper left corner 
>> of the compositor.  
>> So here is the (working) approach I used :  
>> window->surface = wl_compositor_create_surface (display->compositor);
>> window->shell_surface = wl_shell_get_shell_surface (display->shell, 
>> window->surface);
>> wl_shell_surface_set_transient (window->shell_surface, window->surface, 100, 
>> 100, 0);  
>> It works this way, surface always displays at 100x100.
>> But my question is : is it supposed to work in the first place ? And will it 
>> still be working in future releases ? 
> Yeah, that behaviour is a bug. A surface cannot be its own parent, so
> the position you get is just luck. Actually, your client should get
> killed by a protocol error, but it seems we miss that check in weston. 
> Actually you're double lucky, because if transient surfaces were
> implemented properly with transformation inheritance, weston would
> probably hang, and this bug would be more obvious. 
> Also I'm not sure if mapping a transient for an unmapped parent is
> supposed to work... that's a nice can of worms you found there ;-) 
> Thanks,
> pq

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