1.3 RC1 snapshots

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 23:46:42 PDT 2013

On Sun, 22 Sep 2013 17:09:34 -0700
Kristian Høgsberg <hoegsberg at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> We're closing in on end of September, and the plan is to release 1.3
> then.  So towards that and without much further ado, here's the 1.2.91
> release candidate.
> I believe I picked up most recent patches and fixes recently on the
> list.  In particular, I merged Rob and Neils patch to send out events
> to all listeners for wl_pointer, wl_keyboard and wl_touch from a
> client.  This patch enables clutter-gtk and webkitgtk, but touches
> core event delivery code paths, so look for regressions there.
> Another potentially disruptive change I landed just before the RC is
> the weston-launch rewrite.  The core change here is to let
> weston-launch handle VT switch signals and automatically drop and set
> drm master at the right time, as well as setup and restore the VT.
> The result is that error recovery is much more consistent and
> reliable, but we may see a couple of regressions there.  The drm,
> fbdev and rpi backends are affected, so test those if you can.  I'd
> like to also move the backtrace feature into weston-launch and do it
> with ptrace, so we don't try to do it from a process who's taken a
> SEGV signal.  Or just launch and attach gdb after restoring the VT.

On rpi, I have never used weston-launch yet (not ported, needs to make
the DRM stuff build-time optional), and the VT switching was kind of
broken from the start, so I don't think there should be a serious
regressions, *if* the rpi backend still starts.

Oh, I see you added launcher-util.[ch] to the rpi backend build... I
think that should break the build, since those depend on libdrm, which
we don't want on rpi.

> There are a few patches on the list that we'll have to push out until
> after 1.3 is out.  Jasons weston_view feature of course is scheduled
> for after 1.3 and the clone mode patches look promising, but will have
> to wait.  We also have Neils two EGL features - the swap interval 0
> one and the nested buffer passthrough.  Those are mostly mesa
> features, but there is a small weston part to them.  We may be able to
> do that.
> Anyway, here are the SHA1 sums for tarballs and tags:
>   2b5f16910577e5b2c26938e0079b2e26e7cf32fc  wayland-1.2.91.tar.xz
>   4125367f20d70cdf3c14f1bcafbf46e1c6e20835  wayland 1.2.91 tag
>   563950324fcdd837d768586f65e685739d6f5e1c  weston-1.2.91.tar.xz
>   779938596d3886a6f69a8e411b3f7e8ac550544d  weston 1.2.91 tag

What about moving sub-surface protocol to libwayland?
Are you expecting something from me?

Unfortunately on both accounts, I am personally tied up on other
projects still, so I can't promise any help for now.


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